What external lights does the Millenium Falcon have in-flight?


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Is there some kind of documentation anywhere of what lights the Millenium Falcon has? I'm thinking of lighting a model and beyond the obvious, like the engine, cockpit and gun wells- what other lights are there?

The only ones I can recall clearly are the white spotlights in the front of the mandibles, but I don't think they're on all the time...
IIRC there are no others besides the landing lights on the bottom which would only be on for landing as well as the spot lights underneath which light the area for boarding/maintenance

There is a guide here

In the Original Trilogy (Real Star Wars) there are no lights on the Falcon whilst in flight, just the cockpit interior & engine glow.

On two occasions the Falcon switched on headlights because it flew into areas which needed to be illuminated (slug/cave in Empire & Death Star 2’s exhaust port in Jedi)

There are red running lights on the Falcon in the Disney films

That depends on what film you're going for, and sometimes what scene from the film. :) The original 1977 Falcon had no exterior lights save the engine light. Empire added underside lights. The TFA digital model winked the lights out randomly. Note that the Haynes manual picture is a composite, but doesn't quite match any one movie.

I see someone has posted the link to my 3Dsf.info page now. :)
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