What costumes are you working on?

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Hey Y'all!
I am currently working on a full leather Kassandra from Assassin's Creed Odyssey :) I am about to start on the detail work on the breast blate :)


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Well, with another birthday around the corner, I need to start working on a “Middle-Aged Man” costume, apparently...


I’ve been slowly working on it, for the past few years.

I will need an accurate receding hairline, deep crow’s feet, various undefined aches and pains throughout my body, an accurately shaped “gut”, random khakis (I have also been told that “mom jeans for men” are an accurate alternative, as long as they are run through multiple washes, are not ironed, and are slightly high-watered), formerly white Nike or Reebok shoes with a dingy patina, white tube socks, and a well-worn Izod polo.

I am also consulting an industry professional regarding how to create a “world-weary 1,000 yard stare”—as if the weight of the world has crushed my dreams.

Wish me luck...


The “Drinking Buddy” is an optional accessory but does add to the authenticity.
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Well damn, had a costume in my closet and didn't even know about it. I could cosplay as either Middle-aged Man or Drinking Buddy.

I can only assume that you started assembling your costume a few years before me.

I look upon you with envious eyes.

Mike J.

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Bought myself a Mk 3 jacket as a sort of early Christmas present, so I'll be working on converting that to a Nostromo crew jacket, adding patches & pink piping to it, and adding piping to my replica crew shirt as well. Got a new belt on the way, and I'm gonna be taking another whack at replicating the crew shoes using my current (2nd) pair of white sneakers.


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Mark LFV

Right now i'm working on a Killmonger Suit from Black Panther and I plan on doing the PS4 Spidey Advanced Suit next
We are also working on Killmonger suit from Black Panther to add it in our inventory as we have been getting quite a few inquiries on it. What material are you using for it?


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We are also working on Killmonger suit from Black Panther to add it in our inventory as we have been getting quite a few inquiries on it. What material are you using for it?
sorry for the super late reply but I'll be using a printed zentai suit and puffy paint the texture on, with the necklace and belt pieces being separate rubber pieces

Mike J.

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Because my attempting to improve my Kane (from Alien (40th anniversary)) costume was not enough, I'm starting to put together an Apollo era NASA technician (50th anniversary), a Lumbergh from Office Space (20th anniversary), and am also thinking about an Andy Warhol (no anniversary, I just like Andy).


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Freddy Krueger for Halloween just finished making the glove and the burnt left hand which is a washing up glove and I used a hot glue gun to add the burnt skin effect added clear plastic finger nails before painting it up,the mask and jumper were from eBay just distressed the jumper up a bit the hat was from a charity shop also distressed it, also included a photo of the display i made for when I not wearing it.


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