What costumes are you working on?

Mieal Deneb

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So, how many costumes are you all working on?

I have several commissions in the works/wings:

TPM Battle Padme
X-wing flight suit
Old Obi-Wan
X-wing flak vest (x2)
Captain Antilles
Biker Scout cummerbund and vest
Rebel Fleet shirt & vest
(classic) Battlestar Galactica warrior tunic & pants
A-wing flak vest
Possibly others

For myself:

AOTC Padme senate address (cut scene)
ROTS Padme aqua georgette

For my family:
ghosts (x2) for the kids
Ghostbuster for my husband
Senate Guard for my husband

Eventually, I'll be working on his & hers X-wing pilot costumes as well as a classic Battlestar Galactica warrior uniform for myself. A Princess Leia (ANH) for myself, and maybe a TPM battle Padme, and a "Blood Red" Arwen gown from LOTR: ROTK. And, I'm sure I'll add more later. I'm CRAZY about costumes! Can you tell?! :love


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Wow!!! Looks like you got your work cut out for you mate!!! Looking forward to seeing some pics. As we all LOVE pics...he he



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I'm not working on them, but I'm planning:
Altair from "Assassin's Creed"
Raiden from "Metal Gear Solid 4"
and optional:
Iron Man (custom, with a hint of the movie version)
Sweeney Todd... What can I say? I love Depp's characters!:D

Skalen Fehl

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Master chief- Halo
Marine - Halo again
Some steampunk stuff
SG-1 stuff (i got the G8 WEP, but i ended up using it as my normal jacket..:lol so i don't know if ill ever get it all finished!)

And in the planning stage:
COG armor- Gears of war
Clone trooper- for joining the 501st!

And plenty of other props.
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My second Batman costume, one I can wear when I feel like sitting down or not sweating. Still working on getting the first one perfect too.


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Comission work:

C3PO Chrome statue with light
K-3PO White statue with light

Mark 3 armors Glassfiber Clean, weatherd and battledamaged versions.
Mark 2 armors (Cold cast aromor Alum.)

Civil war inspired Ironman armor.


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Leia's Bespin Gown
remake of my Belle ballgown
Sleeping Beauty
Nuala from Hellboy 2
fixing parts of my Ame-Comi Wonder Woman and Glinda of Oz

working on those leisurely throughout the winter... the only one that has any kind of "due date" is Ahsoka.

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