What costumes are you working on?


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We Are Venom T Shirt - Copy.jpg Can anyone provide me seller name?


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Current build list for DragonCon 2018:

- Post-apocalyptic Winnie The Pooh (inspired by a 1/6 scale figure seen on the web)

- Hatbox Ghost from Disneyland Haunted Mansion (with sound, illuminated/sequenced skulls, raster OLED eyes, sound system)

- Hard parts (helmet, blasters, backpack, operational wings) for my wife's Hope Van Dyne Wasp costume

- Hank Pym from Ant Man and the Wasp, including his Portable Office building. Build thread here: https://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=292124


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Buying fabric this weekend for Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet). Ordered an acrylic ball to make the treasure sphere out of.

Also currently planning a Woody (Toy Story) cosplay with some friends who are doing Jessie and Bo Peep.


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The one I think I'll finish next is Victor Creed (Sabertooth) from XMO:W.

Then I'll finish The Abiding Spider-Dude, my Marvel/ Lebowski mash up.

And while I'd love an ESB Snowtrooper kit to go with my helmet, I'll probably try to save up for a Shoretrooper kit for the 501st.


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Ramping up for SWC next year...

Making EIB upgrades to my Stormtrooper, tweaking my ESB Solo, and then going to finish my Bespin Luke.

I also have some TFA Kylo parts coming in. :angel



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Made my first Latex Mask ever!...was nerve racking but in the end turned out well.

This will be the head for my hulk Costume


I used Monster maker medium Clay for the sculpt

painted it with Krylon Enamel (it peeled out easy)

USG No1. Pottery Plaster (for the casting)

And monster maker RD-407 liquid latex for the pour,


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I'm considering a Ringwraith for London Comicon next year... Started with the sword - all 58 inches of it...






Since these photos I've covered the hilt with faux leather and started to fill the seams on the blade with a flexible caulk


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I’m currently working on a baymax costume, using an inflatable baymax costume as a base, and modding it to suit my purposes. Adding foam pads to the bottom of the legs so my feet don’t hang out the bottom, and putting some extensions in the arms so I can actually use the arms.

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Just finished up some Skyrim Daedric armor!
daedricfinal4 (1 of 1)-2.jpg
daedricfinal4 (1 of 1).jpg

Starting work on Lucio from Overwatch, so far all I have is the tank top. It was the first time I've ever actually sewn something more complex than a rectangle so I'm pretty happy with it. Haven't done the logo yet, I need to get some iron on transfer paper first.


daedricfinal4 (1 of 1)-2.jpg

daedricfinal4 (1 of 1).jpg


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