Weathering clothes


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Does anyone know who is really well at weathering clothes? I'm looking to get a freddy krueger shirt weathered really good....torn and dirty.
Wrap some stuff in it. Small logs are good.
Then go out and drag the bundle around on different types of ground for a bit.
Finally, bury it for a week.

It's a common trick of unscrupulous sellers of WW2 military kit, to make repro crap look like more expensive originals.

I also find using it to dust the house and scrub the garage floor works nicely.
a bucket from home depot, HOT water and about 6 tea bags
let the tea seep for about 10 to 20 min, stir it up then drop the sweater in
soak it for about 4-6 hours and let it air dry.

add more tea bags to make it darker.

if you want it really messed up, while its drying pour a coke (or Dr Pepper) on it
this is what i did for these
on it while its drying

this is after the first Tea Dye

this is after more tea dying and cokes
I've got a cloak for my Mando that I tied to the rear bumper of my car and drove down a dirt road with. Several times. I also used it as a grease rag when I was working on my engine.
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