Painting and weathering props with watercolors?


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I haven't done this in a long time, but I did enjoy the process. I used to weather props and sets when I worked as a set dresser and in art department like 20 years ago.

I haven't weathered any of my prop collection, but I think I might do some more. I tried weathering this staff of ra piece with some watercolors that Adam Savage recommended on his channel. I think it came out nice... what do you guys think?

Any tips of things I could have done better? I tried fuller's earth but decided not to include it in the video. It didn't do what I thought or wanted it to do

I’ve never used watercolours. My worry is that it dries way too quick. I typically use oil paints because they stay workable for ages and you can moisten with a little linseed oil and make them workable again.
Pigment powders or similar give great results for dirt and dusty effects.

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