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This has been my therapy while handling a family crisis for the last few weeks. I got started repainting my pack a day after it arrived. Then was instantly derailed. The last couple days have allowed me a few hours each to give my pack a little age and rust weathering.
Base coat it Cannon Black Satin spray paint (Krylon) on top of a black primer. A heavy layer of Rub-n-Buff, covered in satin clear spray paint and covered in black acrylic paint (Future proofing scratches that might happen as I wear and abuse my pack at cons. The paint will scratch to the rub-n-buff layer, and adding more silver scratches to the weathering naturally. Leaving me with less concern to repair damage as it is used.).
Then an acrylic paint wash of browns, reds, orange, black and green applied carelessly with a wet brush on moistened surfaces using a misting spray bottle and old shop rags to wipe down the excess paint.
I am reasonably pleased with this. In the sun, the rust wash over the rub-n-buff lends a real metallic sheen that is ever so slightly muted. I did not expect that effect. I dig it and hope you do too. Happy busting my friends.


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