Warped Post Fett Bucket. Help!!!!

Tol Skorr

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Have a Don Post Fett Bucket that has been warped (caved in around the T visor) and need some suggestions on re-shaping it. How does Post stuff react to light to moderate heat? Any suggestions would be welcome.


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While I have not personal tried it, I have many reports that warm/hot water does the trick. Fill up the bath tub and give it a shot.


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well, you will find all you need to know at thedentedhelmet.com just click on the forums link there.

But I actually have put my helmets in the oven at like 125* on preheat
and then i reshape how i need it.

Ive done that w/ fetts, and biker scouts...just make sure you keep an eye on it, check on it every few seconds...so it doesnt get too hot too quick.

saxe coburg

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I had the same problem and this is how I handled it:

1. place helmet in the trunk of a car in the summer time for acouple hours.

2. remove helmet, wear gloves and eye protection

3. This is the most important part... place helmet in large trash can and push to the curb.

Or at least thats what I did


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ignore these foolish RPFers.. ;)
Here's what you do.
Get s bucket of steaming hot water
pour it in the helmet (like a bucket)
the helmet should start to change shape under the weight & heat of the water
when it get to the shape you want place the whole thing in the freezer until it cools to the right shape

then do what Saxe suggests in step 3 :lol


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Haha....good natured warped Fett helmet fun.

I will also give a vote for hot water or a hot car trunk. it gets really easy to mold it into the shape you want. depending on the year (mine is 97) you may also want to get a piece of flat metal bent in a half circle to help hold the shape. Insert it along the back of the helmet.

Do not use a heatgun like I did at first...it's bad news. you really need even heating across the whole thing to be effective and not destructive.



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Originally posted by Umbra@Mar 22 2006, 04:30 PM
would a hair dryer work ?

That might work or a heat gun on low. The problem is that you are always going to have problems with it warping. You might also want to put a metal ring around the bottom of the helmet to help it keep it's shape. Even after you get it to the shape you like, it migh go back to the old shape. I have a white DP 95 and I could never get it to keep its shape. So, I bought a fiberglass helmet. And I would try http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/forums


Tol Skorr

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Thanks to all who chimed in. IF it werent for the fact it was a friends and not mine and that he spent ALOT of time working on it I would toss it in the trash. That said I'll try some of the suggestions here and see what happens.