Wanted: EP IV OWK Lightsaber Parts list

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by southcenter, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. southcenter

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    Hey guys,

    After searching for a few months for a reasonably priced EPIV Obi-wan Kenobi lightsaber replica, I've decided that they don't exist. The next best solution is to just start picking up the parts as I come across them (Plus, I can't afford them all at once anymore).

    What I'm looking for is a comprehensive list of parts that I'll need. It'd also be nice to have a set of instructions, but I'm sure I can figure that part out.

    Thanks in advance for any help. :)

  2. jlee562

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    I'm getting my part from Roman's Empire. I have about 2/3rds of it (waiting on the correct emitter and booster). In anycase, you'll need:
    Handwheel/Sink Knob + D-ring
    Graflex Clamp & Spacer
    Transistors plus washers
    Calculator bubbles
    MK3 Grenade
    Balance Pipe(emitter)

    Plus a 10" threaded rod (if you're using Roman's parts).
  3. Anakin Starkiller

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  4. Sporak

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    Ha, the price for one of these can vary greatly...
    One of mine was about 100.00 while another is well over 1000.00 :)
    And anywhere in between...
  5. Romans Empire

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  6. Darth Lars

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    Can new users read the junkyard? You would find user sabers/parts there every day. I have seen various full Obi-Wan sabers from $180 to $800, depending on make. I have seen the same part for $95 and $20.
    The real parts of the saber were identified only a few months ago, and über-accurate replica parts will become available soon. When they do, I expect more people to unload their old parts.

    You can say a lot of bad things about Parksabers, but I am not unhappy with the Obi-Wan saber parts from his "Ultimate Saber Kit", even though they are not too accurate. Even though I got the parts at a very good price, I had to wait a year and a half for it.. so I would recommend you not to buy from him only because of the delivery problems. However, I have seen many sabers built from these parts for sale at good prices.
  7. B-Wing

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    Keep an eye out in the JunkYard and you will find most of the parts. Even though you can't post in the JY yet, you can still PM the people selling. I have gotten a couple of items that way. I agree with you that a piece or two at a time helps with the cost. :D
  8. southcenter

    southcenter Active Member

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    I think reasonably priced would be between $100-200. This is of course not for an original parts replica, but perhaps for a metal repro saber.

    Thanks to everybody else for linking and/or posting what you know. I'll keep my eye on the junkyard for stuff.


  9. OldKen

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    if you want accuracy and you want to buy a part at a time... use the link to romans empire. period.

    and that way youll also have the pride of constructing your own saber. :D

    but yeah always check the junkyard, it hasnt been too long since weve seen decent obi replicas for very good prices.

    still though, i know that once i get some other things squared away im getting the parts from roman. ;)

    i mean i know youve missed out on the research threads that led us to the last couple of real world "found" parts, but if you do a search and just read a few pages you will understand why im saying this. :thumbsup

    and im not a friend of romans or anything, and not trying to make an advertisement or plug... i just am passionate about all things ANH and the accuracy of replicas from the film. and well, the only way you could do better would take lots of time and money and possibly being escorted out of an airplane junkyard. :p (oh yeah the thoughts crossed my mind.)

    good luck with everything and come back and show us what you end up with. :)
  10. mez7

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    for the whole sabre? all metal grenades are usually in the 120's-150 range, at least all ive found, then you still need the pommel, gear, emmiter, transistors, clamp, bubble strip, and whatever to hold it all together to get after that,

    for all metal id say it would be tough to go less than 200, youll definatly need to go more resin parts at that budget

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