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Value of gold coin used in the production of The Hobbit?


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Hi all,

I am all set to buy my first screen used prop: a coin used in production for The Hobbit movies. However before I click "buy" I want to make sure that I'm not paying too much for the item. Would any happen to have a ballpark estimate of their value? I've tried searching completed listings on ebay but have not been able to find anything. Picture of the actual item below.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.



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it is worth as much as somebody is willing to pay for it. how much do you really want it? i have bought things that are worth more to me than to other people. are you buying it to sell and make a profit? are you buying it to keep? can you buy another one if this one sells? all comes down to how much you really think it is worth,not what anybody else thinks really.

Lt Washburn

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Given that they probably made hundreds or thousands of them, I would be dubious of a price above say $20. But I haven't tracked how many have been available or what the market is for them either.


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I have seen these kind of coins go for about 75 to 400. Some crazy people even bid a set of 4 up at a 2020 propstore auction to 3k (which is nuts). You can check the auction results on icollector for examples. They regularly come up for sale in the big prop group on facebook. Movie Props
The thing is to know what you are buying, as pieces like this can be replicated with ease.

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