URGENT HELP NEEDED! Assassins Creed: Brotherhood; Ezio


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Hey guys. I'm making Ezio to go to Eirtakon, an anime con here in Ireland but also (and more importantly) because I fancy the idea of going, queuing up for launch and buying the new assassins creed game dressed as Ezio :p

I've been planning this all summer, but due to money restrictions, I wasn't able to start. Now I have until until November 10th to get it done. This should be fun :p . So between money and time it wont be the best, but I stil think I can pull it off well.

I've made a bunch of costumes before, but never trying to closely replicate something.

I got started on the belt emblem, and was taking pictures all the way, but yesterday my bag was stolen with my camera in it :cry . Here is what I have done:


Thanks to Fevereon for some good reference
Its my first time using polymer clay (bit stiff) and I'm really happy. You can see a little chip in the bottom, but I have that peice ready to epoxy back on... next up to epoxy it together and onto a base then paint... My current plan is spray it silver, let that dry, then black but before it dries whip it all off so all the cracks and details will stand out. My one problem with this is that is maakes the silver look more dull. I'm thinking I might then go in and drybrush over with a lighter silver again... Any suggestions?

For the actual costume I'm going to use white gabardine and red satin with various bits of lace where it's needed, and I've figured out a good DA-OTF wrist mounted switchblade mechanism (dull plastic blades of course)

Any input is greatly appreciated
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Re: Assassins Creed: Brotherhood; Ezio

Nice sculpt. Looking forwards to seeing more. Do post what ideas you've got for the hidden blade, I'm trying my hand at making a DAOTF as well. Trying to get the mechanism working for a convention this month, then I'll try and slim down the design and incorporate a gear and make it duel slide.
Re: Assassins Creed: Brotherhood; Ezio

Thanks guys... I dont have any proper plans drawn up, but My idea is to just make an over-sized DA-OTF. The obstacle most people come into is opening and closing when on the wrist. My plan is to have 2 rings with a a cable/string attached to each. One will go down the inside of my arm and pull the switchblade out. the other will go on the outside of my arm, around a small pulley and bring the blade back in (the cable/string will be through a small tube so it doesn't rub off anything... this has a few limitations, but it works and its pretty much impossible to accidentally stab yourself in the hand :p
Re: Assassins Creed: Brotherhood; Ezio

Great looking sculpts. Shame about your bag, it always sucks to lose something like that :(

Amazing start to the project though.

Re: Assassins Creed: Brotherhood; Ezio

Yeah :cry

Thanks. I'm hoping to paint it tomorrow or thursday, so I'll have pics of that up then.
Re: Assassins Creed: Brotherhood; Ezio

Ok update!

Man it's been a hectic week! I got my camera back so you can see the photos from the start. SO what I did was print out and laminate the line drawing, law down some sculpey, stencil over that the general shape, build up the sculpey, cut out, lather rinse repeat.


The green stuff is called green stuff, its an epoxy modeling filler. I used it to smooth out certain areas.


I'll have painted pics up tomorrow but the real reason I posted is I need advice. For the vambraces I made a cylinder of cardboard, covered it in expanding foam and sanded it so shape... my plan is to cover that in Bondo, sand and paint... I need people advice though... will it be OK putting Bondo straight onto the foam? Please help... 9 days to the con!!!! :eek

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