The Big Lebowski "Maude" Viking Costume Help


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Hey All,

In a few week I am taking a friend who loves this movie to a secret screening of The Big Lebowski. For years she has been talking about that for her next viewing shw wants to dress as Maude from the scene where she is a "viking."

I searched, but I can't seem to find anyone who has done this cosplay online. I'm looking for some advice as to what might be the best approach to this.

Foam for the helmet, bowling balls, skirt, and trident come to mind, but I would like your advice.


You can see the foam wrinkling in the photo, that is definitely what it is. There seems to be a heavy paint coating over it as a single layer finish. This is the same way Martial arts sparring gloves are made. Foam pieces glued together with the final thick gel rubber coating over the entire piece, likely a full dip bath. I will see if I can find a how-its-made clip to show the process. Not that you would need to do the exact same procedure but that gel paint is likely very specific.
Sorry so long in posting but the EVA is definitely more intense than the good old fasioned rubber dip we had for our sparring gear as there is prep involved. Search here on therpf for eva foam armor and you will find many discussions and instructions. This link is for a website that has many resources and how-to to give you a base education (not just the one video linked below but a whole site):

The important part for you to get right from the start.... not all chemicals will play nice together. Plan ALL of your materials before buying and confirm they will work with one another. Foam, foam cleaner, glues, sealants(don't skip this), fillers, texture or lack of, paints and cover protectants. Each needs to be compatible with what it is contacting. Watch and soak up the info but DO NOT JUST WING IT.

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