Bushwood Hat Needed!


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So, I'm in a golf tournament in a few weeks with co-workers.

I want to wear a Bushwood CC hat. I've searched here (nothing?!?) and eBay/Etsy and not finding an exact match.

It's a sold red (with white metal [I think]) vent gromets, cotton snap back, with the embroidered logo on the front.

Who has a good one?

Further detail after watching again for scientific research…

Under the brim is green and the rear plastic snap strip is white.

I found something close I’ve ordered but I’m still hunting.

I found a solid red with green under the bill but the vents are also red… I could change those by crimping white metal on and then changing the rear snap strips to white.

The white hat is easier to replicate as it is all white. But in all cases the patches are not great. Some better than others but they all have something wrong with them.

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