Uncharted 2 hip Pouch

I always thought Nate just used half the belt loops on his jeans, and had a belt that was a little longer. Sort of overlapped the belts in half the loops. After looking at the render, however, it does just look like it's hooked on the opposite side of his jeans under the henley....but how?!!?!!?
When I was putting together my Uncharted 2 outfit I used my Indy Gun Belt for my "Hip Pouch belt" and I twisted the buckle around to my side and then had the strap come out from under my Henley. The problem was that the I had to tuck the second buckle behind my buckle so it wouldn't overlap it.

It worked to a degree but it wasn't very practical at all and honestly if you were doing any kind of moving around the thing kinda came undone and didn't look that great.

Even though Drake's outfit is cool the whole belt setup on the skin is a major graphical error because there's no way that could be a full second belt. If it were then Nate's waste on the left side would have to be squeezed in right to his navel. LOL

The best route to go with this setup and to get it to look like the game is to do what I suggested above. Take your main belt and attach snaps to it and then get a second belt and cut it down to a shorter length and attach snaps to each end of them and then snap them to your main belt after you put the pouch on it. IF it's done correctly you can get this look and not have to worry about tucking another full belt under your shirt. ;)
Don't most western holsters have two belts on them? Because it looks like it could be inspired from a western holster or just a drop leg pouch made to use a leather belt instead

*EDIT* just been playing it and I was in the snow caves right after you see on of the shambhala guardians in the yeti suit and after that Nate walks backwards to the camera and it does kind of look like there's actually a belt loop just for that. I could be wrong and it could be part of the belt though
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I made a simple paper model of the pouch to get a feeling for the dimensions and cut. Its damned small, if I measured correctly (13 x 11,5 X 4,5 cm) - have to check this again. As it is, it would hold exactly 4 beretta magazines.

Will use olive canvas for the pouch (I will kill an old/used army duffle bag, which gives the propper used look).

Suggestions and ideas welcome...

Keep you updated...

my scaling could be a little off but my numbers aren't much larger than yours.
5.78" X 5.5" X 1.9" (14.68 X 13.97 X 4.826)

Actually, I'd guess that yours are closer since I fudged my initial numbers and upped his height 1.5"

I'm still leaning toward leather since the model for the pouch has the exact same texture as his holster. But to be fair, I use a canvas pouch for my costume.
I just completed my hip pouch. :)

I used an existing ammo pouch I bought here:
Rhodesialainen Fereday & Sons yleistasku, repro - Varusteleka
Which I then customized to fit the look :) I bought two of these, so I could cut one up and make the long 'tongue flap' fastener on the front.

Here's my pouch - it's a little bit too big, but it doesn't bother me much. I also think the tongue and the flap is one single piece of fabric on the pouch in the game, but since you never see it open, I went the easy way and just attached the tongue to the existing flap.

The pouch was also a bit too tall so I cut some of the sides and front off and thereby made the flap which is an extension of the backpiece, longer and more accurate.

Finally I attached two pieces of leather for the closer straps, the top is slightly wider than the bottom one. AND then I distressed the hell out of it.



And one of me wearing it for size comparison. Mirrored ;)
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