1. R

    Uncharted 4 Drake journal replica

    Hello everyone.I am making my own replica of Nathan Drake journal,I am a huge fan of naughty dog but I need an advice.I have bought a Sir Francis draDr journal and started making a Drake journal in this.so far I didn't know what journal drakr had(cover).Is this will be worth it when I make...
  2. Z

    Uncharted Drakes Fortune Kriegsmarine map UK2642

    Hi Guys im trying to find good screen shots of the kriegsmarine map from uncharted found in the german uboat so i can make a replica
  3. Joepeel

    Uncharted : The Lost Legacy map

    I'm thinking of making the map that Chloe uses in The Lost Legacy, could anyone help me with a better image of this? Or draw a better one so it is straight and no hands in the way?
  4. R

    Uncharted 4 Watch

    ​Greetings! I'm planning on making a short Uncharted fan film during this summer, and right now i am at the stage of props and costuming. One of the hardest things to find on a budget was Nathan Drake's wristwatch. But after looking around on AliExpress i found this watch that closely...
  5. Serenity

    Done Official Drake's Ring from Uncharted (Naughty Dog)

    I'm looking for the official silver Drake's Ring from Uncharted. It was made by Naughty Dog and offered on their site earlier this year but is now sold out. This version: It's a longshot, but if you have one (or any leads), please send me a PM. Thanks!
  6. X

    Uncharted 4 Grappling hook

    Want to make the Grappling hook. I have drawn a concept and 3d printed a mini "Proof of Concept" (ie its an early rough starting point) and would appreciate thoughts?? Im new to prop making and I know you guys are hardcore!!!
  7. 6

    Shoulder holster | Uncharted

    I am currently attempting to replicate the shoulder holster used by Nathan Drake from the Uncharted-series for future cosplaying. I have however been unsuccesful in finding a similar one to replicate or any templates according to which i might construct my holster. I do not need an exactly...
  8. Deadpool92

    Interest Nathan Drakes Journal replica from Uncharted 2

    Hey there guys, I've been working on my own journal for quite some time, and was wondering if there's any interest in a run of these? I'm looking to do runs of 3 - 5. $150 dollars. Only things that wouldn't be included would be the coins and flowers, all drawing and photos and soft inserts...
  9. AdamHunter

    Uncharted 2 Belt Pouch

    Hey guys, With Orlando Megacon rapidly approaching, I am trying to tie up all of the loose ends on my U2 Drake costume. After DarthSaber and I put the phurbas together, the only logical choice was to go with Uncharted 2 for a costume build. For anyone wondering that thread is here...
  10. Increditastic

    Holster - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - Nathan Drake Replica

    Well, the new Uncharted 4 A Thief's End video game from Playstation and Naughty Dog is announced to release on December 31, 2015. Many new images, character models and in-game videos are being circulated on the web. On Dec 6th, Naughty Dog released an article of the first game play Here. I...
  11. laagi

    Want to Buy Uncharted (Drake's Fortune) Rare Promo Ring PAX2007

    As the title says I'm looking for the rare (very rare?) Uncharted Promo Ring; complete in Box. Not the cheap replica from the Uncharted 3 CE ;) I'm willing to pay a very good price depending on condition. Anyone interested, please contact me via PM. Thanks a lot! Here's hoping for the best...
  12. R

    Uncharted 2 Shoulder Holster - My first replica prop project (Update: Completed!)

    I've been a huge fan of the Uncharted video game series for years now. I always thought Drake had the coolest shoulder holsters. Each game features a different design. I've always wanted one of my own and I've been doing research on and off for this project for the last couple of years. I...
  13. p0rtalman

    Uncharted 3 holster WIP

    Hey all, been a while since I've posted any WIP threads, since I normally finish a project before I remember to do so, luckily this time I remembered before it was done, and I've been making an effort to get more photos of the progress. Anyway, here are a few pictures of my Uncharted 3 holster...
  14. division 6

    Uncharted 4 A Thiefs End

    Looks like Madagascar is the destination this time around (Pyrates perhaps). Link
  15. E

    Uncharted 2 hip Pouch

    I made one of these out of leather because I had some scrap. This one appears to be nylon/canvas with bits of leather here and there. I will post a pic of mine when its done. What does everyone think? Comments? Suggestions?
  16. E

    Uncharted Series Shoulder Holster

    This is the first thing I have ever made from leather. It is not finished, but I plan on finishing it. I am however going to make another one because this one is a little rough. It would be fine for a halloween costume but the next one will be smoother and more true to form. Feed back is welcome...
  17. E

    Uncharted Series Shoulder Holster

    This is the first thing I have ever made from leather. It is not finished, but I plan on finishing it. I am however going to make another one because this one is a little rough. It would be fine for a halloween costume but the next one will be smoother and more true to form. Feed back is welcome...
  18. L

    Uncharted 3: Drake's Decoder *prototype finished*

    I am looking for good reference material for this device, especially the text on the sides and the artwork on the back. Only found 2 pics on google. Looks like a nice electro-etching project :) thanks, Marc
  19. Leatherworker

    Uncharted - Nathan Drake's wrist cuffs

    Hi there, there are already several threads dealing with Nathan Drake costume parts as used in the Uncharted game series - including holsters, shirts, belts, buckles etc. Would like to open a new one in particular dealing with the wrist cuffs - hope it's not to much double posting. Since...
  20. Pitfall Harry

    Uncharted Cosplay

  21. Silverstag

    Uncharted Ring Treasure chest

    Today I saw someone selling their promo ring from Uncharted drakes fortune. Well it comes in a very nice little treasure chest for displaying it in. As I couldnt afford the actual ring and box (4k) I figqured I would make a replica of the box. I wanted to ask if anyone knows about making...
  22. Silverstag

    Uncharted Phurba Dagger

    Hello, I was thinking about making a replica of the phurba dagger from Uncharted: Among Thieves like the one thqt came in the special fortune hunter edition. If anyone has their own daggers or tips on how to make one please post them here.
  23. robo3687

    Uncharted: Drake's Ring - now with PICS! - available now - JY link inside

    ---------------------------------- the junkyard link http://www.therpf.com/f13/uncharted-francis-drakes-ring-25-shipped-available-now-105399/ ------------------------------------- Hey guys, being as good as broke lately I've been trying to find ways to put my 3d modeling skills to good...