U.S.S. Bradford (DS9)

Got an update to my Bradford build... had a few days that the weather here in central PA warmed up to do some outside painting. I was able to get grey primer coats and white primer coats on. The following photos show how the man hull looks after the last coat of white primer. I'm going to let this dry for a week before I start any detail painting. I'm still working on the two cargo containers that will be added underneath the saucer. I need to figure out what was used. Here are the photos below of the main hull...




Thanks for looking.
I would like to know how the struts for the two cargo containers were attached to the bottom of the main hull. That is about the only thing I need to get this build completed. As for the Jupp, I would like to know how the two Voyager nacelle struts were attached to the bottom of the "neck strut". Did you add anything to the bottom to make more area to glue the struts together to the bottom of the neck? Thank you.

I do want to show that I have done some painting on this model since the last photos were posted so here are some to look at:





Thank you for looking.
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Working on the "cargo containers" adding the final details to them before they get painted later this year. Will post photos of this work soon.
I got a few photos of my Bradford mocked up. It's going to be a big ship when completed.




Hopefully I can figure out what I need to get the cargo container struts to mate up to the lower hull of the main ship.
As of this time I have decided to use parts 17 and 18 from the Revell 1/32 scale F-15E Strike Eagle on the tops of the Excelsior stands that make up the struts that connect the "cargo containers" to the bottom of the main hull of the Reliant model. The two parts from the F-15E fit the oval shape of the stand, have the angle needed to make the pad level, and the Reliant model sits level on the pads. Until I can get some clear photos of these struts I will be using the F-15E parts. This is what they look like taped in place.

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