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Hello, all...

I am hoping to build the U.S.S. Bradford, built for DS9, but I would like some help in identifying the greebles used on the ship, if at all possible. Below is a pic of what I've been able to identify so far. Any additional insight and/or help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I’m hoping maybe Adam Buckner can chime in on this, with any information he may have? Would anyone at least know what scale the Saturn V rockets are, that are used for the cargo pods?
The parts that are on top of the Shuttle Bay system with the yellow looking stripes are bomb racks from the 1/32 scale F-15E Strike Eagle. I think some of the other items on the top of the Reliant hull are also from the F-15.
The parts you have labeled "1/32 jet fighter wheels" are actually intakes from the 1/32 scale 'Revell AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter' parts number 22 and 23. Also from that kit are several of the grey "damage patches", and the silver "double H" parts just behind the top weapons pod from the Reliant kit. All of these are located on top of the Reliant hull aft of the bridge. I think that the parts on the tow pads (Excelsior stands) are also from the 1/32 scale AH-64 Apache kit. I hope to confirm that once I receive the kit I purchased.
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I can confirm the parts used on the Bradford are from the Revell 1/32 scale Apache and from the 1/32 scale F-15E Strike Eagle. Here is a photo of the build I am beginning. The light grey parts are from the F-15 and the dark green parts are from the Apache. The Voyager warp nacelle pylons are from another build.


Hope this helps.
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I now have two 1/144 scale Airfix Saturn 5 rockets for the cargo containers. I am attaching a photo of what I have done so far with one of the two rockets. The "Inter-stage" segment between the top of the first stage and the bottom of the second stage, is now the forward section of the first stage. The top of the first stage tank has been added to the inter-stage section. The bottom of the second stage tank where the five engines would be mounted has been added to the top of the second stage, which has also been turned around, so the two stages will be joined together at their original bottoms. It's weird, but that is how the segments are arranged. Here's the picture so you can see the configuration.


Thanks for looking. Comments welcome.
A silly question for all you studio model builders, what do you use to attach vinyl tank tracks to styrene plastic? I haven't thought about this until now, as I will need to attach segments of vinyl tracks to the Saturn 5 rocket as seen in the opening photos. Advice welcome.
I realize this is not my thread, I did not start it, but I have been posting to it a lot in hope of helping the person who originally started it. I have attached the nacelles and the struts together and have attached them to the main hull, as well as finished attaching the greeblies to the area between the nacelle struts. Here are a couple of photos of what I have accomplished:




I do hope that Adam Buckner will come upon this build thread to help with identifying more parts, or will post some different photos of his build that show his model from different angles.
I’ve wanted to Franklin-I’ve this design…move the nacelles farther back as in BEYOND with a TMP refit secondary hull also attaching to the same nacelles like the NX-01 refit. NCC-1883
I know this doesn't pertain to the Bradford, but I don't want to start another thread just for this one question.

Would anyone happen to be able to identify what kit the two parts circled in RED are from? I have everything else needed to make this ship, except for those two domes/cannons. If anyone can help, it is most graciously appreciated.


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The two domes and the two cannons come from the 1/144th scale Airfix Saturn Five kits. The domes are the tank top of the S-IVB third stage (need two), and the cannons are single rocket engines from the same Saturn Five kits. I have also got the U.S.S. Trieste starship in the works as well.
Thanks to some recent photos of the Bradford that show the bottom of the main hull and better views of the upper hull, I have been able to update my Bradford build. Many of the parts that have been added to the upper and lower main hull are from the 1/35 Tamiya M2A2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle. All those parts are tan colored. I also found that two parts from the AMT Enterprise-B kit were used on the outboard sides of the warp nacelle pylons, these are white in color. And I have figured out that parts of the 1/32 Monogram F-14-A ejection seat were used on the inboard sides of the pylons. I have these coming from a friend and will be adding those as soon as I receive the parts. Here are the updated pictures of my Bradford build:







Comments always welcome. Thanks for looking.

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