Two TK blasters make up the DC-15A


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Hi all, I was looking at the new SW Blu-rays and saw something very interesting about the DC-15A.

The designers/sculptures said that when it came time to get a blaster ready for the Clone Trooper, that they really had not designed anything and their main focus was on the Clone Trooper armor. But, they knew George was coming in to evaluate what they had done, so at the last minute, they threw together the DC-15A from two different Stormtrooper blasters, the E11 (ROTJ style), and the DLT-19. The E11 is basically the front half of the DC-15 that has been turned upside down. with the back half being the DLT-19. The scale is different for both original blasters (the ROTJ E11 by a large sacle), but you can see it very well that is what they used. (Please see pix below)

They said they really didn't go any further into the design work, just some tweaking, because George liked it. Below are some pix of their design. I know they went further into little greeblie designs to it, but the basics are from the OT TK blasters. So, the Clone Trooper and Sky Trooper's weapon is closer to home for the TKs than you really thought it was.

Just thought is was cool and wanted to share...






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