Tutorial - Engraving Lines on both sides of an object


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Hey people!

I thought id put a small tutorial together on how to mark identical lines on both sides of an object.

For this project, im using the gun im currently working on.

You will need :


Put the paper over the area to be marked. Make sure to get creases on edges around the place so you can mark on the paper where your line is going.

Now I know where parts are on the paper, I can cut it out so that it fits snuggly back on gun.

From there, Mark out the line to engrave :

Cut out the area of paper which has not been used as a reference guide, and it should line up happily on both sides of the project! (if the project is symmetrical of course :

(this actually lined up, the picture lies).


A litte rough, yes, but I followed the general line with the dremel 0.2mm engraving bit. I then cleaned it up (after this pic) with a xacto blade.


And finally the last pic, the results! All happy on both sides :D

A simple, and effective method on getting lines engraved on both sides of a symmetrical prop. Hope you guys have learned something from my tutorial! :D

Have fun!


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Its the m-12 Locust from Mass Effect 2 (also making the m9 Viper) :D

Ready for painting on this weekend, very excited! Its my first go at making a prop hehe. Have learnt quite a bit, and what not to do's for next time.
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