Trying Fierfek's ANH Hero stormtrooper helmet


Inspired by Fierfek's work I'm on 3rd attempt.
Using Dungbeetles helmet. Happy with the result. Got scale right. Fiberglass inside and 2 coats of resin outside.

Looking for help on how to finish it off.

I got clear edging trim from Halfords for the neck edge but what do you use for the lens and that black strip above the eyes? I'm in Ireland so getting anything is a pain. Cant even buy disposable brushes for resin.

Cheapest I found were in the kids section of Tesco's - "first decorating brushes"

Think it would probably be easier to finish sanding and then add ears - next time.

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Re: How to finish a pep stormtrooper helmet?

The brow trim was a U shaped rubber edge. The eye lenses were believed to be green lighting gel material. Some people use green welders face shields cut to size.

You're still missing the ear bumps on the ears. :)
Re: How to finish a pep stormtrooper helmet?

I moved on to Fierfek's ANH TK.
Dont have to worry about finishing other then lenses and already bought a set of smoked safety glasses from B&Q that I hope will work


I'm getting better at the fiberglassing I think. Little or no drips but looks like it warped a bit on the right side while resin was setting. Will see if I can correct when I start to bondo.

Re: How to finish a pep stormtrooper helmet?

The brow trim was a U shaped rubber edge.

isn't that for the kit helmets though? these are all 1 piece, so u-shaped rubber is pretty pointless. a piece of expanded neoprene or extra thick weatherseal tape should suffice.

I used Fierfecks original TK pep file, and although not very accurate, I managed to get it something like with a lot of putty and bondo. I'm at the stage where all I need to finish are the strip on the brow and the lenses.

undecided on what to use for the lenses, and if I had the money i'd be buying a crash helmet visor off ebay.

looking good :)
Re: How to finish a pep stormtrooper helmet?

Cheers Hooper. I'll be hard pressed to match yours. Weathering looks great.

I have a sheet of evergreen polystyrene. I cut a strip and glued that on for brow on my Dungbeetle bucket. (needs more sanding)

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Re: How to finish a pep stormtrooper helmet?

looks good Prosta! what are you doing for the vocoder?

i've also just ordered a roll of neoprene strip for the browband (and the rest will go as a draught excluder!). Going for green lenses, but not too sure if my idea will work (will find out later!)
Re: How to finish a pep stormtrooper helmet?

Small update
Bondo! Dont ask me why I did it like I did. Will start sanding and go from there.



knowing what i do now, i'd be tempted not to bondo the teeth or the vocoder :)...but it's looking great :) happy sanding!
Sanding - not sure if you can see the dif. This is as far as I got tonight
Started with a wood rasp and then 60 grit.


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Sanding mostly done. Light coat of primer to highlight pits
Looking for any input on shape - ears excluded. Not done any work on them.


Working on some of the details. Cut back ears and used a circle of styrene.
Trying to improve vox. Waiting on milliput to harden and see if I can sand to shape.
I'm using Terra1's lid for reference/standard to reach. Better then the real thing (SDSProps)



another stormy build to follow

looks like you're already a good way through your build, looks good, keep up the stellar work.
Redid the vocoder. Better but still not 100%
Dont know if worth cutting out and redoing or just wait and see what its like when black.
Cut out eyes. Think I'll have to add 2 more teeth.
Still filling and sanding.




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