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Brand new to the forum and to making cosplay in general, hopefully I'm posting in the right place.

I wanted to share some photos of the beginnings of a Quorra cosplay I've started working on. I've probably dove in far too deep with this being my first cosplay but it's such an important character to me.

I've been working on this again. I purchased a length of spandex material with the correct hexagon pattern printed on it from spoonflower with the intention of making a shoulderless top as Quorra seems to wear something similar under the main chest piece.
I bought a very cheap, thin neoprene "shorty" wetsuit on eBay (surprisingly difficult to find an all-black rear-zip one for not many many moneys) and hacked away at it to produce the correct shape for the main chest piece, with cut-outs in it for the hexagon pattern to show through. I realised that the cutouts in the neoprene chest piece would deform from their original shape when worn due to the stretch nature. Therefore instead of making a separate shoulderless undershirt, I cut out panels of the hex pattern spandex and have bonded it to the underside of the chest piece to hold the "heart shape" (as I've called it) in the middle and the side cut-outs in the correct form. It fits nice and snugly, and is not too hot to wear.
Next I'm going to make the sleeves out of the spandex material, and find a way of having them attach to the underside of the armpit holes to simulate the look the shoulderless top Quorra wears, whilst being removable for putting the cosplay on and off.

Thanks for reading, any advice gladly received.


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