Transformers: Dark of the Moon 1/25 Roadbuster custom repaint

Kris Lyssara

Sr Member
This is my first serious action figure custom and I feel that it's complicated enough to go here in the modeling forum. It's a heavily repainted Transformers: Dark of the Moon Human Alliance Roadbuster figure. I haven't finished painting the robot mode yet, and I'm getting a custom set of stickers made for his various logos and a few other things on him, but it's nice to finally have the vehicle mode finished paint-wise.

Paints used:
Testors Model Master Gloss White
Testors Model Master Gloss Green
Testors Model Master Gloss Black
Testors Model Master Gunmetal
Testors Model Master Steel

If you do a coat of Gunmetal and then heavily drybrush Steel over it, it almost perfectly mimics the look of the Stealth Force parts on the movie cars.

For comparison:

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