TOS Type II Phaser Replica (my final attempt (no, really))

An alternative brush-on color that I have used in the past for Phaser Ones is Tamiya German Grey (XF-63).

I used it on the midgrade builds seen in this thread:

Nice, I believe that I will go with the Tamiya XF-63. That is the look I am going for and BTW your midgrade turned out great!

Can't go wrong with Tamiya products. Thanks for your help.
Minor tweak just now almost a month later for my hero- the well for the fins was too deep in front & showed the front of the fin assembly on close examination (I don't know how I missed that- rushing to the finish line, I guess), so I mixed up some epoxy and toothpicked it into the gap. It takes on the gray colour so I don't even have to paint it.
Just in case anyone is interested in my borderline OCD perfectionism....
A little more done after returning from out of town. It's beginning to look like a phaser. Handle is together and P1 is moving along slowly. I have a lot of finishing to do after breaking the P1 shell a few times but it will be OK. I need to figure out the aluminum front on the top and get the side rails on next.
Painted the phaser body, a custom mixed color that closely matches the screen color to my eye ( disclosure that my eyes aren't the best).

The P1 has been a challenge and I had to take it back to base several times because I just wasn't happy. I am going with the duplicolor that was suggested a while back now because the brush on that I wanted didn't look good in my eyes.
I can't now, I should have noticed it earlier, I will put more pics up when its done. The humidity is pretty high and the paint is taking a long time to dry completely.

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