TOS Phaser 1


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Just finished another commission build of the Jlong kit. I used one of Sporak's aluminum thumb wheels on this one.



More pics here.
Lovely work - been very tempted to pull teh trigger so to speak on one of these kits but am a clumsy modeller and don't think I can do it justice sadly. Will just look on in awe at this one!
Robn1, that is one fantastic build. Do you have any advice on how to evenly paint the body? What was your method? Again, that's some first-rate work.
Thanks guys! I should mention on the paint, this one was painted in flat colors. I think satin would look better. I intended to buff the paint to give it a little satin sheen, but the hardener works too well. I couldn't buff it! It's flat to stay. Next time I'll use satin black and satin white.
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