TOS Cylon parts in Silo 3D - To be made in Foam


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I am working on building a cylon suit out of foam, and I am currently using 3d parts from a poser cylon as well as pdo's and then adding new parts.

all the parts are separate files and i am assembling them into one called Cylon Body.

Here is some pic, and the zip file of everything

if anyone can help, I would like that.

I want to build it out of foam and then wrap it in gold or silver chrome from Alsa.

Doug Morency

oota goota

Sr Member
Me and a friend of mine (okay mainly my friend) made 2 suits of stormtrooper armour in 3mm EVA. We clad the foam in 1mm gloss white vinyl using contact adhesive which helped hold the form together and made the suits pretty damn strong.

So you could probably try something like that: find a thick chrome vinyl it would be a great 'stunt' suit :). If you are interested I can post some pics
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