TOS Cylon parts in Silo 3D - To be made in Foam

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by DouglasMorency, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. DouglasMorency

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    I am working on building a cylon suit out of foam, and I am currently using 3d parts from a poser cylon as well as pdo's and then adding new parts.

    all the parts are separate files and i am assembling them into one called Cylon Body.

    Here is some pic, and the zip file of everything

    if anyone can help, I would like that.

    I want to build it out of foam and then wrap it in gold or silver chrome from Alsa.

    Doug Morency
  2. oota goota

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    Me and a friend of mine (okay mainly my friend) made 2 suits of stormtrooper armour in 3mm EVA. We clad the foam in 1mm gloss white vinyl using contact adhesive which helped hold the form together and made the suits pretty * strong.

    So you could probably try something like that: find a thick chrome vinyl it would be a great 'stunt' suit :). If you are interested I can post some pics
  3. PepMaster

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    I've seen that Poser Model. It's not very accurate. I only have one suggestion. There is a site that has the full size paper models on the size. Untitled Document if the site is still around it has the files.
  4. DouglasMorency

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    I will be using Paul's files for the parts that he has, I am just making abs instead of using a special suit.


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