TMNT 1990 Casey Jones screen accurate mask

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    Hey everybody. Been a member for awhile but I don't post much. I wanted to share this Casey Jones movie mask with you all. I actually made it for myself as part of a Halloween costume back in 2009 but just got around to taking some pictures now. I'm a huge fan of TMNT and Casey in particular and I work in film professionally making costumes, so I really wanted to do this one right. This involved nothing digital and was all done old school. Sculpted in clay, then a brush-up mold and fiberglass part was made. Lots of bondo and sanding and primer to the final model, which I then made a proper mold on.

    The one pictured is fiberglass with white gel coat, so this is how it looked right out of the mold. The inside is lined and the 5 point harness is as accurate to the film as I could find. I also attached some screen caps for comparison. Much care was taken during sculpture to get it as close as I could.

    Thanks for letting me share!

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    Love it! This is a great build. Casey Jones is one of my favorite characters on film.

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