My Not So Screen Accurate Doc Yewll Hand Scanner from Defiance (Work-In-Progess)


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So, I figured out what was used for Doc Yewll's hand scanner featured in the show. It turns out to be a Thermacell Mosquito Repellant Model MR-GJ.


I've already got it torn down and already modified the "screen" so that it's open.


And I've got it sanded, ready to paint. But, I've encountered a couple of things. For one, from the episodes I was able to find any views of the device, I wasn't able to get a good view of the paint job (it looks like they got a silver coat for the base and then maybe lightly weathered it with some brass/bronze color and possible some light spray of black in the mix. Hard to tell because the only good pictures are all inside with one light source. The only thing I can tell is that they used a light grey color for the button, knob and screen).

Also, I would like to wire it up and I think they used an EL light ribbon/panel to light up the inside, but that provides a challenge (because as you see in the first picture at the start of this post, there is light coming from above and blow the "rim" of the screen (the screen is basically one solid piece of plastic and it's not possible to have an EL light ribbon/panel in place unless you cut the screen potion off at the top and bottom and then glue the "screen" in place on the ribbon/panel. However, as you can see in the other pictures, it looks like the they fed the ribbon/panel into the plastic piece. So, it leaves me with either the option of trying to match the first picture or to keep the screen a part of the large plastic piece. And trying to figure out if they used an EL ribbon/panel light or if they used something else is also a mind boggle, as the front screen has a light blue glow while the back side of it shows it a darker blue, which I haven't gotten a screen cap of, but is noticeable coming through that small "window" at the top of the device. In fact, I'd like to wire the "button" to have it turn on and off). I think I may have to replace the button also (as it's molded as a rounded piece while the one seen in the show is a solid flat. Not sure if they sanded, used fill putty and then sanded it flat or if they found something that had a flat end that could slide into the hole. Also, there's a hole in the lower back side where the butane cartridge can be seen (the butane heats up the metal flat piece that was originally there, and the repellant is a thing sheet material that goes between the plastic screen and the metal piece. The opening is for people to be able to see how much fuel the cartridge has). Due to the fact that the characters are seen holding it, they end up blocking that area so it's hard to know if the opening is still there or if it was filled in (which is another thing I'm considering).

I'm still scrolling through all the episodes to see if I can find better views of the device, but it is looking like it barely got much screen use. So, I know my final result may not be completely screen accurate, but it's a challenge nonetheless. If anyone has any ideas about how to do the paint and wiring, I could use any info. But, at least I'm at step B so far in this process.
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So, I’ve encountered a bit of difficulty with my plan to have a light up screen. So, I originally considered on using a flexible EL light panel that I was going to cut to put into place for the screen, but this Is one of the issues with the it is this:


The “screen” of the prop lights up in front and back, with the back being slightly bluer than the front of the screen (see first picture in first post). I was going to buy two EL panels and cut them to fit into the prop, but then I discovered that though they can be cut, it’s advised by manufactures to not cut them because it not only does makes it not air tight anymore, which reduces it’s lifespan, but it also risks causing a shortage (also, the power pack, which uses two AA batteries can’t run two panels and be as bright as seen on screen, so not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong or it’s just how it’s built). I had considered that maybe they used a piece of frosted plastic to light up. But the problem with is that the light is evenly done, showing that it was wasn’t lit up from a single light source (not sure if this rules out the use of an EL wire or LED strip, but I don’t know if they’d be able to light up a frosted piece of plastic evenly or not.

I am trying to figure out the paint. I do know it’s a silver base. I think they then used either a light bronze or champagne color, though I can’t be sure due to the fact I have yet to find a good view of the device In even lighting. I have considered a paint and primer spray paint, but I have considered automotive spray (which I have experience with due to using it for painting car models). Trying to get the right look is something that’s a challenge and I may have to experiment on a disposable plastic cup to see if I can get the look right.

I have started modifying the ”screen.” I used a small saw to cut a slit for the light panel or frosted glass to slide into (I’ll have to make the same mod for the body itself, which is a separate piece. I’ll have to sand it to make it cleaner. s,only, it’s coming together.


‘That’s about it for now. Any suggestions about the paint or the light up screen are welcome. Keep in mind, I’m not an expert on either area, but I am trying to expand my abilities.

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