Titanfall 2 - Jack Cooper Armor/Chest piece


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I'm looking to do a Jack Cooper cosplay and was looking at Etsy for pieces to buy (don't have time/resources to make my own). Came across 3 different users who have very similar looking chest pieces (only difference is the painting as far as I can tell). The one is painted black, but the wording in matches up closely to the first one.

None of the sellers have reviews for the chest rig, only for other items. The item descriptions all look really similar and use the same style of wording (see attached images). Are any of these legit/where can I get a legit chest piece? Listings are attached, any replies are appreciated, thanks!

#1 Titanfall 2 Jack Cooper Combat Vest Titanfall 2 Tactical - Etsy Canada

#2 Handmade Glowing Titanfall Cooper Real Pilot Armor Vest - Etsy Canada

#3 Titanfall Cooper Real Pilot Armor Vest Built in Lights USB - Etsy Canada


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