Twin Peaks Season 1 Agent Cooper's Red Room/Dream Sequence Lapel Pins


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I've been trying for a long time to identify the top pin that Agent Cooper only wears in the first appearance of the Red Room/Black Lodge, shot originally for the "25 Years Later" ending of the extended international version of the pilot episode and ultimately repurposed for the dream sequence in the third episode of the first season, "Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer." Zoomed-in pics are taken from a 4K copy of the extended pilot:


The middle and bottom pins were easy to identify, it's a U.S. army ordnance pin sitting above a lieutenant gold bar—not a 25 years of service bar as some have thought; watching it in motion makes it clear that the bar is all gold and the red is just a reflection of the set's curtains.

The top pin is not a Masonic Lodge pin as many have claimed it to be over the years, it instead looks to be an enamel pin of a gold-trimmed white dove with some kind of circle or gem (either another bit of white enamel or a tiny rhinestone or pearl or crystal or the like) between its wings. I drew my best approximation of it on the far right. In comparison to the size of the other two pins, this one would be tiny, measuring approximately half an inch in diameter.

Anyone recognize this pin, and where it might come from? If it's the symbol of a particular organization or anything like that? I have very little to base my search for it on, especially since I don't know what that is between its wings, and it can only be seen in this one bit of footage, never to be worn again for the rest of the series.

Any help with tracking it down would be very appreciated.
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This pin is the closest one I could find, incorrect obviously but it's the right size and has a rhinestone of the same size and approximate placement as that little mystery circle between the wings on the screen-used pin:


I wonder if it's a rhinestone on the original as well, then.

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