Tips for a Bender costume?


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I've seen a few folks do a Bender costume over the years and some of them have been super elaborate. I don't have a woodshop or anything like that so I'm limited to making something fairly simple that I can do with my normal prop-making stuff and basic costuming equipment. I've already pretty much settled on doing the head out of either fiberglass or paper mache' but it's the body that I'm having trouble deciding on. Obviously something like one of those R2-D2 shaped BBQ pits would fit the bill AND already have a hatch on the front of it...but that'd be super heavy to wear around a convention and on top of that I've got to be able to transport whatever I make inside of a small hatchback car along with my other luggage. Ideas for the body?

Michael Bergeron

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Large cylinder cement form like this one:

Cut the door (or just draw it on). For the arms and legs use Dryer vent ducting like the one on the far right here:

However make sure to tape up the exposed edges really well, that stuff cuts.
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