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Hello everyone.
Here is the assembly of a Tie fighter from the B.C.I brand. This is an old-fashioned 1/32 resin kit, very well made, with very few joint lines.
Its scale is almost the same as Vader's old Tie Advanced from MPC/Ertl.
Kit that I intend to do after this one.


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I've never heard of that one. Looks ok though. Interesting that its 1/32. For a moment, at least on my monitor, it looked like the bottom part of the solar panels had a moiré or a casting error, but zooming in revealed that not to be true.

I've never heard of that one. Looks ok though. Interesting that its 1/32. For a moment, at least on my monitor, it looked like the bottom part of the solar panels had a moiré or a casting error, but zooming in revealed that not to be true.

I think this kit is English, but I'm not sure.
Impossible to date it, I found very little information about it.
About scale, 1/32- 1/35.
The resin in this kit is very particular: it is grainy, not on the surface but in the mass: as a result the interior is crumbly.
After a washing session with soapy water, you must remove all micro beads of resin a little on the bulb and a lot on the wings, sand the excess resin in places and repair the wings.


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I'm going to leave some places deliberately damaged on the wing, I'll turn that into a damage battle during the painting.
Everything is repaired, so coat of primer on all parts. Then, painting the solar panels and pre-shading the bulb in matte black from Tamiya.
As is often the case unfortunately, my pre-shading disappears after the paint has been applied, here the ILM Stormy sea from archive-x.


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I took the opportunity to rebuild the barrels with lighter parts: not totally accurate but better than those supplied with the kit.


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Places covers on the wings. Stormy sea from archive-x, followed by a clearing with flat white.


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I like the shorter Jedi cannons.

Is the cockpit ball on that about the same size as MPC's Vader TIE?

I'm building the new Round2 kit and it is a lot bigger.
THANKS. They are a little short but on some studio models I have seen them like that. Yes, it is almost the same size as Vader's X1 from MPC, and yes, the new tie model from Round 2 is much larger.
I'm fairly sure the ones created for Jedi were short like that, including the Interceptors.

They also have a black window frame vs. dark grey.
Before assembling, I brightened everything with pure white.
Everything is painted, all you have to do is assemble all the elements together. The support is very simple, in black chipboard. I had a small sign made with the name of the ship. Enjoy.


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