TIE Bomber Construction - Take 2


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Well, my questions were answered. Now I am wondering if there is anyone out there that would like to re-make the TIE bomber (i know it's already bee done on the forums) along with me?
Well, thats good to know
I'm game, but I'm also unemployed... which means that the last two kits I need have to wait... same with the Falcon and Y, and the TE and Starfighter from Clones. So I draw, re-engineer, etc. Also put an end to picking up more resin and casting supplies, so can't even offer to cast what I have right now, which irks me more than not being able to tackle this directly. But as soon as the slump is over, hell yeah I'm in.
I've always wanted to build one of these,but I must admit, with the arrival of the Hasbro Tie bomber, I couldn't resist. Its one of the best ships they've put out IMO.
Ok, I have a link to the kits needed (courtesy of s_janish)

Today I found the:
-Hanomag SdKfz 251/1
-88mm Flak 36/37
-the Leopold Railgun

The list of needed kits can be found here:


Its a very nice list.

I'm in the process of getting molding agents so I can try my hand at molding and casting the pieces so I don't have to buy so many kits. I'll let you know how that comes along when the time comes. I obviously still have a few more kits to find anyways
I also ordered the Star Wars Chronicles book yesterday, it is for sale for ONLY 50 dollars at wwwhamiltonbook.com thats 100 dollars off!

Lets see what we can do with this bad boy!
Thrawn2222 wrote:
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Ok, I have a link to the kits needed (courtesy of s_janish)

Today I found the:
-Hanomag SdKfz 251/1
-88mm Flak 36/37
-the Leopold Railgun

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for the Boarder/Bomber I have these:
Airfix Saturn V
Tamiya M3 Lee
Tamiya Hanomag
Tamiya 88mm Flakvierling
Tamiya 20mm Flakvierling
Tamiya 2cm Flak

Tamiya Yamato-original release

Only two I don't have:
Hasegawa Leopold
Hasegawa Morser Karl

And of course I have tubing, dishes, sheet styrene and rod for the body. If you're gonna be complete, wires too.

I don't have the Leopold or Morser Karl yet, simply because they're gonna run me about 40-50. Not certain about picking up an old Yamato, I think it may get too pricey. Still, for accuracy, ya know?

Haven't looked again through the M3 Lee, so can't off the top of my head remember what's used from there. I haven't read a TIE Bomber thread for a long time, is it still on the board? I think some threads may have gone away, and also I'll be damned if I want to prune an old one... ick, anyone thought of doing that? No fun...
Hopefully some folks can add to this!
Wow, okay. 'You're braver than I thought.'

Hope you get good info from it. If it's an older thread, may be best to take it as suggestions and starting points, unless it seems that a number of models have come from it?
Hell, perhaps should read through it... maybe I'll get some time this weekend. Thanks for digging it up.
I should pay more attention to the search feature; this place has a number of answers and suggestions if you only look...

Cripes it's 11 pages. Not as huge as some, but that's gonna be a lot o' readin'/deciphering... still, if it staves off a few wrong turns... Have at thee!!!!!!!
Your full of funny puns and quotes...
Anyways, I should warn you, this is my first attempt at scratchbuilding/kitbashing something. In essence: this may take me a while, and lots of questions
That's cool... since by the time I'm able to get back to working instead of just 'planning it', you'll have done a TIE Bomber, Y-Wing, Falcon, Slave 1 and Sandcrawler!
Sigh... love the U.S. economy, I certainly do.
Nice job Rolando. What's that run for?

Actually, I'm volunteering to put together a "master list" if anyone is interested since I will be putting this together also.

If you gotta have it scratchbuilt then go for it. It'll cost you a lot more than Rolando's kit though, and it probably won't be as accurate or as nice! Rolando is SSM's official Mr. TIE-Bomber...
Thanks Beaz..... the check is in the mail

TServo4- The list you guys have is accurate and I don't see of any other kit that you will need. You have to remember that there will be a fair amount of scratch building involved though. Also, not to mention the multiple kit parts you'll need to cast or use from original kits, it can get expensive as Beaz stated, trust me!

I don't want to discourage anyone from going ahead if they feel that they want to do theirs from scratch, I'll even help you in any way that I can with info, all you have to do is ask.

There is however an alternative


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