Tie bomber: Complete plans and parts id.

That's a really nicely presented package of info. Thanks for sharing. I'm no Tie Bomber expert but that all looks pretty good to me. I may have a crack at one of these myself thanks to you.

Wow, that is an incredible piece of work! Every known piece documented, color coded, and drawn in multiple orthographic views. And, as if that was not enough, the kit boxes are also shown.

Awesome job - the most definitive compilation I've ever seen on this subject!

Thank you very, very much for sharing!

Now it's time to get to work building . . . . (myself included)

Looking forward to seeing pictures of new TIE Bombers soon!
Great stuff!

Thanks a lot for sharing these notes! I guess they will soon become the bible for anyone who whats to get a start at studio scale modeling. :thumbsup

Thank you very much everyone for your kind words.

I'll feel very happy if my work gives that little push that some times is all we need for to start a new project.

I hope a flood of new double chili dogs coming soon…:lol

Yep, a true work of art & a fantastic set of plans to boot!.
Would be Tie Bomber builders have never had it so good!.

Could you do one for the 5' Falcon by any chance?.:lol
This file is awesome! What an asset to the forum. I wish there were more of these files provided for other SS ships/fighters from Star Wars.

Thank you Moska!

Funny story, I went to OfficeMax to make a set of large prints and OfficeMax wouldn't print it b/c of the copyright. Because I had my IPhone, I could drill down to this thread and the guy finally printed it. Maybe a line at the bottom saying "OK to print for personal use only" would help.

Again thank you for sharing these lovely drawings!


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