Thunderbird 3 Studio Scale Build (24”)


New Member
Hi guys!

So this is a bit of a dream come true. I’ve always wanted a collection of studio scale Gerry Anderson vehicles but don’t have the workspace anymore to carve in wood/foam etc.

Because TB3 is basically a collection of tubes and simple shapes,this originally began as a Fusion 360 project to learn the program using Phil Rae’s plans, available photos (which I soon learnt aren’t plentiful at all!) and a couple of screen grabs - basically episodes paused on my iPad
Then I ended up getting a 3D printer and the cogs started to whir - “hmm, can I print this?”

Three days of printing, prototyping, re-printing; plus two weeks of filling, priming and sanding later I have the beginnings of my studio scale Thunderbird fleet!

Love to know what you guys think. I did take some shots of the building process but I can’t find them right now!


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