1. K

    Thunderbird 3 Studio Scale Build (24”)

    Hi guys! So this is a bit of a dream come true. I’ve always wanted a collection of studio scale Gerry Anderson vehicles but don’t have the workspace anymore to carve in wood/foam etc. Because TB3 is basically a collection of tubes and simple shapes,this originally began as a Fusion 360...
  2. webbox100

    Thunderbird 1 pilot chair blueprints

    Hi all! We recently finished a replica of Scott Tracy's Thunderbird 1 pilot chair from "Thunderbirds", a project that we started back in 2016! To create blueprints as accurate to the original as possible, we used Autodesk Maya to model the shape/dimensions of the chair over stills from the...
  3. webbox100

    New kids series inspired by Thunderbirds and the Muppets

    I guess you could say we made this as a love-letter to makers and making. Over the past four years and with the help of an amazing crew, my wife Lindsay and I created a new kids series for Canadian broadcaster TVOkids, brought to life with puppets and model miniature effects. It stars...
  4. Captain Scarlett Patrol Vehicle

    Captain Scarlett Patrol Vehicle

    1/30 scale from Imai has a scratchbuilt interior
  5. D

    1/350 Thunderbird 1 and Launch Bay

    Hello all, during lockdown and now the summer holidays I've found a fair bit of time to get some model-making into my schedule, and I thought I'd start by finally building and painting this Aoshima 1/350 Thunderbird 1 and Launch Bay a couple of weeks ago. I've always loved practical effects (as...