studio scale

  1. Scott Graham

    Three (x3) Vintage 1969 Aurora U.S. US Navy SEALAB III Model Kits In One Box

    Three kits. One half built. One box that isn't in the best shape. Tons of sealab donors for your studio scale project.
  2. hoosleberg

    Scratch/kitbashed 1/24 X-wing

    For the past 3 months I've been slowly chipping away at a studio scale T-65. I have been able to source about 10 of the less rare kits on ebay. For the hard to find kits I plan to scratch or 3d print the pieces. Full size drawings posted on the forums, the ILM Red 3 pics and Bandai's 1/72 kit...
  3. Clerval

    Want to Buy Archive X enamel range, up to full set.

    Pretty straightforward- I know a few folks have found the enamel a bit hard to work with for a few reasons or simply haven't done as much model building etc, and may consider selling. I'm looking for sets, up to a full line. With the supply chain issues, might be a bit til I can order from the...
  4. K

    Thunderbird 3 Studio Scale Build (24”)

    Hi guys! So this is a bit of a dream come true. I’ve always wanted a collection of studio scale Gerry Anderson vehicles but don’t have the workspace anymore to carve in wood/foam etc. Because TB3 is basically a collection of tubes and simple shapes,this originally began as a Fusion 360...
  5. Dazza007

    YAFF - Yet Another 5 Footer Falcon Build

    Bit of a Build Log for my take on the 5 footer. Inspired by so many great builds, and waiting to paint my R2, I decided to start another near marriage ending project. I was originally going to cheat and grab the Gambody one, but its awful just a whole lot of incorrect parts all cobbled...
  6. jonfuturist

    Researching the history of greeblies/kitbashing for a short YT documentary

    Hi guys, Hope this is ok to post. I'm a so so model maker/kit basher myself (done a bit of diy sfx work too), certainly not near the standard required for studio scale, but basically I'm beginning research on a personal video documentary project on the subject of greeblies/kitbashing in sfx...
  7. interfacet

    Ark of the Covenant - my BA degree build

    Hi, Its been few years since my last post on this forum but I thought it will be a good idea to share this with wider public and make updates on this thread while making my degree build. I am a Prop making student in London and through these few years I managed to work in the prop department's...
  8. Baruopa

    How Accurate is the Nice-N Tie Fighter?

    Heard a lot of good things about Nice-N models. It's my understanding that they're about as top-of-the-line as it gets in terms of accuracy. I do know, however, that there have been some revisions over the years. Just wondering what all those are and what. If any modifications would need to be...
  9. PeetL

    Want to Buy Vintage Koolshade

    Please contact me of you have at least 12 square feet of vintage (23 louvres per inch) Koolshade.
  10. gabe3666

    Interview with Kurt Kuhn from

    If anyone knows Kurt Kuhn or has visited before, you know how passionate Kurt is about the Studio Scale replica world! Please join us in an interview with Kurt for a glimpse into his passion and his collection! Premieres on Wed 3/10/21 at 5PM PST.
  11. Jacobalcook

    Red 2 Captain Cardboard Legacy X-Wing

    Hey guys, Inspired by many of the fantastic modelers here and elsewhere, I have completed my first Studio Scale model: Red 2. It was built from a new cast by Hoss Hobbies of the Captain Cardboard masters. Though I have experience with resin models, this was a pretty challenging build and I...
  12. madebyap

    AP's Studio Scale TIE Fighter (2020)

    Greetings prop and model makers! Last year I found a studio scale TIE fighter on eBay, as the story goes, it was sitting in the seller's garage for the past ten years and he never got to it. He says it was a Nice-N model that was miscast, so he got it really cheap. I posted pictures and video...
  13. G

    Help with parts ID!!!

    So I've decided to build a 1:1 replica of the model Adam Savage builds from scratch on his Tested YouTube. Here's the link: Anyway, I've actually managed to extrapolate some fairly accurate...
  14. joez2391

    Studio Scale Star Wars/Disney: Star Tours Starspeeder 3000 model Kit run

    I am starting a run of Studio Scale model kits replicating the 1/144 scale Starspeeder 3000 ILM model that was used to film the original Disney motion simulator ride Star Tours. A few of the original miniatures have been sold through PropStore and this model replicates all of the details found...
  15. onebaldman

    How to Build - An Indie Film Spaceship

    Hi! My name is Cameron. I am currently in pre-production for our short film called "Infinitus". I am looking to use miniatures and practical FX mixed with a little SFX. I've been heavily researching scratch builds and kit-bashing, but I am having a really hard time getting started. I went to...
  16. BorgHive

    1/24 Rogue One TIE SRIKER build

    This is going to be my build thread for this huge 1/24 scale TIE Striker resin kit which when the wing guns get mounted will be over 28 inches long. Using the clear red cockpit sidewalls I'll be lighting up the cockpit and rear engines. This model is in scale with all 1/24 star wars fighters
  17. C

    HASBRO Millennium Falcon 1/48 Build

    Hi This is my first post, and first build of this type and complexity. It has taken a long time to get to this point but finally starting to see it coming together. I have decided to remove and scratch build and kit bash, all of the maintenance bays,etc. But i am trying for the Empire version...
  18. TazMan2000

    Death Star Turbolaser

    Finally getting time to spend on the Turbolaser from Wasili. This will not be motorized with lights, just a static display. I thought about doing so, but I would have probably spent hundreds of dollars more on it an would have played with it for about an hour, then it would have spent the rest...