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Re: Threads on banned members

That's an interesting statement because you could interpret the following as contempt toward someone who doesn't share your view also.
Right, have you actually seen the reasons for that members banning?

4 infraction points - One for baiting, one for trolling, and two for insulting other members.

And you're saying I'm being disrespectful to feel it's a welcome exit of such a community respectful person? Seriously?

Defstartrooper, I've learned through observation and experience that debating with you is pointless. Your absolute and dogmatic stance precludes any meaningful discussion in any reasoned argument. I'm sure you could put forward a very impassioned case for white being black, but at the end of the day, life's too short I'm afraid.

Garlic, my apologies at the misunderstanding - I just think a non-issue to one person doesn't mean it has to be a non-issue for someone else.


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Re: Threads on banned members

Your absolute and dogmatic stance precludes any meaningful discussion in any reasoned argument.
I'd appreciate if you could qualify that statement further because i think i usually lay out a pretty clear reasoning to any argument i make on a subject.
I don't tend to get angry or insulting or threatening towards those that have an opposing view, my whole point in this thread is one of welcoming the views of others and opposed to censorship, where yours seems to be one of only welcoming views that happen to be in line with yours.
Your above statement is a classic example of someone that has no case to make against what has been said so you blame the other guy for failing to engage in a proper dialogue.

Seriously man you started a thread objecting to a guy congratulating his friend on becoming a father and i'm unreasonable ?

You know what there's a tonne of people in this world i don't particularly like but i don't want to pretend they don't exist or get upset at the mere mention of a name, at some level you have to take context into account.


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Re: Threads on banned members

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think Blipper's point is that why should there be a thread drawing positive attention to a member who was banned from this forum for reasons less than positive? It could be construed as drumming up support for that banned member, perhaps as some vain attempt at reinstatement. I'm not saying that was the reason for the thread (nor have I bothered to even find the thread), but on principle drawing any attention to a banned member for a reason other than the well-being of members of the forum seems to me to be contrary to the spirit of banning someone in the first place.

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Re: Threads on banned members

Well said SL. We knew by allowing members to mention banned members, we were potentially opening up a can of worms as some would surely abuse the leniency in this area. However, we felt it was important to allow members to reference banned members when necessary instead of saying silly things like "he who shall not be named" which only serves to add to a banned members infamy and intrigue and in my previous example regarding trooper armor, it could get very confusing as well without proper names.

Again, this rule as with all our rules are not about trying to dictate what members can and can't do but are an effort to create as peaceful an environment as possible where the members can focus on the subjects they came here for in the first place; props, costumes, and models!