*IMPORTANT* Political Posts = Permaban

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Art Andrews

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I would like to simply say "title says it all" and leave it at that, but since there is an ongoing issue here and we have banned several members recently (something we never like doing), I am compelled to say more.

Per Section 2E of our Community Guidelines: "Controversial Topics (Religion and Politics). Because they are so detrimental to the cohesion of any community, we do not allow the discussion of political/religious views, religious/political figures, or social issues that will inevitably draw members into a heated debate (e.g Evolution/Creationism or the politics behind gun control, abortion, etc). It is unrealistic to believe that a religious or political viewpoint won’t work its way into the Community in some fashion (e.g mentioning you will pray for a sick member). It is important to remember that the purpose of this policy is not to limit your ability to express your beliefs but to limit the division often caused by discussing/debating differing points of view regarding these subjects."

You might be thinking, "Aha! You don't expressly forbid mentioning politics and even acknowledge that it might come up, so why are you censoring me?" In response, I will point to several sentences in Section 1 of our Community Guidelines: "Use of our Communities constitutes your acceptance and agreement to abide by the following Community Guidelines in both letter and intent. Please take these rules seriously and don’t look for loopholes around them. Whether or not you agree with them, try to understand them and respect the spirit in which they were created."

When these rules were written, politics occasionally created problems but weren't the nightmare of polar opposite vitriol that we see today. The rules still hold, but we have a near-zero tolerance policy when it comes to members expressing political opinions or taking political jabs. JUST DON'T DO IT! You WILL get banned... no matter who you are. Don't try to be coy or clever. Your political opinion is not going to change anyone else's mind and isn't worth losing your membership. Again, let me be as plain and direct as I can possibly be: DO NOT POST POLITICAL CONTENT. YOU WILL BE BANNED. PLEASE DO NOT TEST US ON THIS POINT!

This community is about what we love together and what our similarities are. Leave your politics at the door. They are not welcome here. This is a reprieve and a place of rest from the nastiness found EVERYWHERE else in the online world. Props. Costumes. Models. Those are the topics. Stay focused.


PS. I know some of you are desperately going to want to try to be funny and do something clever here. Don't do it.
Not open for further replies.