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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by gobler, May 31, 2006.

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    I am working on some personal props and need help. I am attempting to create a tome that's about 200 pages with lots of horrible illustrations and what not but the problem is drawing 50 + bizarre thingsÂ…IÂ’m ok but kind of slow in my drawing so I am asking if any one here knows of good images that I can use? This prop is for me and I do not intend on selling it. I have seen some very good tomes on ebay but right now $100+ is a little steep so I am creating my own. Any links or even drawings done by the talented folks here would be welcome. :D
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    Check out Wayne Barlowe's site....

    Wayne Barlowe

    Wayne is best known for his book Barlowe's Guide to ExtraTerrestrials but his new paintings of a tour of Hell is truly terrifying. The stuff is so intense and original, the mind has trouble wrapping around it.
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    Thanks for the link. Wayne's work is really great. Kind of reminds me of Slayer covers. :D
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    That's why they're using him for the pre-prod artwork for the adaptation of Paradise Lost.
  5. Lanboy

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    If you're trying to put something similar to a Necronomicon together, try Apocalypse productions (Mike Haspil produced the definitive book prop - his 9 Gates has never been surpassed). The text, fonts, and even the woodcuts are available there.

    Another good site would be the H.P. Lovecraft Historical society; they have many paper props available.
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    Try this site. Some of the descriptions have illustrations. I suppose you could cut and paste the images, or trace them.


    Here's another...

    Demonic enclyclopedia
  7. gobler

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    Big thanks to the great responces. As for the H.P.L.H.S. I've been a fan for years and own the font/prop cd they made as well as the movies. Gret stuff over there and a talented bunch.
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    I've tried a search on the net but could not find Apocalypse productions. Is there a link you know of? Or perhaps a key word to help me find it?
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