Does anyone know Replicapropshop?


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I stumbled across this shop yesterday, never heard of it before or found any information.

Looks like the main focus is on movie shirts, but they have also prop replicas in different quality classes, from "looks nothing like it" to "could be close".

They don't provide much photos of their stuff... they also have a lot of paper props, which is almost stuff you can get for free, I guess...

You can contact them via Email, but there are no names, not any owner or something on the site.

Another strange thing is, that items ship from the US or UK or China... whatever that means.

So, does anythone know the shop? Or anyone ordered something from the shop? Any experiences or simply hands off because it looks fishy?
Seems fishy.

The reason for not having a lot of photos of their props is because they took the pics directly from Aliexpress for a lot of them.

May not be a scam but it’s most definitely a drop-ship operation, so if you do order expect super long shipping times

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