Thomas Bangalter Helmet Build! ^-^ (WIP)


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Having the Guy Manuel helmet on hand, and looking at Volpin's amazing work, I began working on a Thomas Bangalter Helmet, with it's desired deadline to be done by February 16.

Speed build much? LET'S GO!:love

Thanks to Rundown and tribal for supplying the base of this construction (pep file)

Pictures will describe the process.

1st Day - Pep is finished

2nd Day - Strengthening and bondo!

Defined the Egg like shape of helmet with some bondo.

3rd Day - Concentrating on the dome

This is my new best friend!

And more work, sanding smoothing.

Main concentration was placed on the mid-to back part of the "dome"

And the overall dome as well

And now! Test fitting. This is scaled to my height (5' 11") and head circumference (23.5")

Ain't it a beaut'?!

And after test fitting I smoothed the dome with 1500 grit paper and checked for imperfections, and they were filled with some spot putty :)

I will try to update this thread daily if anyone will be following :)


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Bumping with some new pics!!

Been working on the dome.

I split the helmet into three parts:
1 - Dome
2 - Over head visor drop
3 - Main Rosture

These are mock ups of the final product (Still needs work of course)

This is the dome separated and ready for the last coat of primer! :)

Now the "Mock Up"

And the Nose Vent details (Needs work)



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Bumping with new pics!

Not much to see on the rear of the dome, but...

Vent details!

I think it looks great! Dont mind the weird pose! Haha! :lol



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lookin good. If you don't mind me asking, What was your inspiration for cutting the face and the dome apart?


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lookin good. If you don't mind me asking, What was your inspiration for cutting the face and the dome apart?
By cutting the face and the dome spart into two separate pieces, I was able to define the union line between the dome and the upper most area of the visor. It also allowed me to cut and define the vents a lot better as I didn't have to deal with much weight.

Removing the dome allowed to perfectly smooth the curves without risking damage to the face area of the bucket.

Removing the face from the dome also allowed me to have a well define visor area as I cut out the bondo part of the visor in order to get a good detail and ended up adding a PETG visor which now serves as a visor for the mold.

Also, if you haven't noticed, Volpin and Firewire did the same process as it does allow for better work on the dome and the face :)

So I guess that was my inspiration for doing the process like that.


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Okay, cool. I actually thought that's why you did it. Looks really good so far. These pepakura thomas helmets keep getting better and better.


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Rundown your amazing with your models man! I've finished 2 free files already and plan on buying from propzone some tron files. I assume the site is yours. Is it? Anyway I'll be supporting your skill one way or another eventually. :D