There's no way anyone can make this lightsaber...


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My friends all know I love vintage sci-fi weapons and such, and so a buddy of mine dug up this picture of a really cool art-deco type lightsaber.

I absolutely LOVE it, but I feel that turning it into reality would be a near impossibility.


What do you guys think?




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Looks nice.

I would think that it could be made. There's plenty of 'other' sabres out there that are far more complex than that IMHO.

What can't be done on a lathe or via resin nowdays isn't worth worrying about.


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So, who's saber is it? It looks like it could've been one of Mara Jades or lieas.

Either way it's nice and I'm sure it can be made.


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It looks a lot like one of the ones that was being considered for the "official" RPF saber a fw years ago. Either that or one of the other saber contests that were held. I'm almost sure it was designed by one of us a while back.



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The clamp is going to be the tricky part. All the rest of will be fairly easy turns for anyone with a metal lathe and a little experience. The clamp might be done with a replica graflex clamp and dremel tool. It will take some work, but I think this saber is totally doable.

If you don't have a metal lathe, or don't know someone who does, then you are in for a tough go of it. Trying to make that emiter out of found parts is not impossible, but tough enough that it might not be worth the effort.

I have not personally done any work with Random Sabers (yet), but they do custom machining of saber hilts and they come recommended by several RPF members. You might send the design to them and see if they can do it and get a price quote.

Random Sabers

Darth Mawr

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Looks like a fancy die grinder to me. Clean, art deco design. I like it. And yeah, it could be a hardware saber.


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Man, do you really think someone here made this design?'s a killer.

Sadly, I don't have access to a lathe, so maybe I can give that Random Saber thing a go....

I'm just glad to hear it's do-able. It's too cool to let go.


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The clamp doesn't seem that hard to me. All you'd need is a section of pipe just a snit larger than the handle. If one were making this from sinkpipe, all that they would have to do is take a section of the wider end off of a sink-pipe with a connector neck, dremel out the curved shape and slip it over your main hilt pipe. :) The activator box would have to be fabricated and added.

The emitter fins look like pully wheels. Too bad they're oddly numbered.



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Most of the main body of the saber would be relatively easy to do on a lathe,but the end towards the emitter would be more difficult and may require a specialist tool.I work in engineering and make items that have that sort of groove profile and keeping it to a nice finish on a lathe could be very difficult :) CNC would be the way to go.



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easily acheivable........... if any measurements are in mind

over all on a scale of 1-10 (10 more difficult) 5.5 IMHO due to the the emitter


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Originally posted by lesternessman@Jan 1 2006, 08:45 PM
that can be made. contact random sabers and have them whip it up for you.

Only problem with them is the LONG waiting list ;)

That and my e-mails never get returned. They do good work though.

If you're up for waiting 6 months to get the saber made go for it.

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Being as I love all things art-deco, I decided that this would be my first "virtual prop" of 2006 (hey, it rained all day... :p ):





Spring-action lever in the open and closed positions:





and finally, the exploded view:


As the images demonstrate, I designed the saber to be manufacturable. Assuming the brass spacers and radial fins are not painted, they and the rings would have to be stacked. Also, in order to align the lanyard ring insert with the activation lever, I used two 4.5" long 1/4-20 socket cap screws instead of the traditional 3/8" threaded rod. I then stack the front elements and secure them to the "clamp body" using a 6.5" long 3/8-16 socket cap screw. All the parts would either be finished in a high polish or plated, for that true art-deco look. :)

Who's ever design this is, I really enjoyed interpreting the 2D drawing and piecing the 3D assembly together. I make no claims to and reserve no rights to the original design or the manner in which I interpreted it for fabrication and assembly. If anybody would like copies of the 3D files in IGES or SAT file format, please let me know. I don't plan on generating 2D blueprints for any of the parts, although that can be done once the 3D files are imported into your CAD software.

Hope you enjoyed my little exercise, and thanks to Whacky for hosting. :D

- Gabe


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"Nice work" doesn't quite seem to say it Prop Runner ;) How about, "Impressive... Most impressive".

Any lingering doubts that this saber is doable should be sufficiently blown out of the water at this point.
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