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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by TxBabyHuey, Mar 2, 2012.

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    It's been a minute since I tackled a project. Most of my money lately has gone towards bikes and in a week I will have a little project cash.

    So after Rebel Scums Prop Party I was inspired to do something completely new.

    I want to do something that is funny, obscure, and something that no one has done before.

    So if you remember a show called Frisky Dingo there are some minions called the X-tacles.

    They are a band of lackies that are basically ridiculous stormtroopers.

    Here are a few pictures.


    I like this project because it seems like a challenge to make a real life object of something from a cartoon. I am larger than the average human, so I will sort of be using my body for scale. I figure as long as I do the right proportions that it will look pretty good.

    I have to model it in 3d first and then I will pelt the model in order to get the schematics. I only plan on doing from the waist up.

    My brother thought it would be funny to hook up a system to play a few quotes.

    I am starting the 3d model this week and will be depending on some advice from people to help me with some errors along the way.

    Let the Booshing begin.
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    have you done this?? i've been super interested ever since i saw someone do awesomeX recently! are you going to do Ronnie?? haha!
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    I don't see how you can do it without ROBOT PANTS!

    My prop idea is a little less ambitious. I'll give you a hint: MASTER CYLINDER! ;)
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    ...I got nothin'
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    Did any more work ever get done on this project?

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