The X-Files. Fox Mulder's 'Moonwalk' office prop replica poster!


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The X-Files. Fox Mulder's 'Moonwalk' office prop replica poster!

The Moonwalk Photograph, aka "Astronaut Poster", seen at the Fox Mulder's FBI basement office, since the first season to the end of the original series. This is one of the few items that stayed at the office along the full 9 seasons run. First appeared in the episode 8, season 1 ("Space") at the NASA headquarters. Then it toke the place of the iconic "I Want to Believe" poster behind the Mulder's desk till the end of the first season. In the second season the Moonwalk photo was placed next to the FBI plaque on the upper shelf next to the Mulder's desk, then it became its permanent home till the end of the show. Other NASA photographs and objects seen in the "Space" episode were used too to decorate the Mulder's office during the first season.

The item depicts the famous NASA photo of Buzz Aldrin Moon-walk during the Apollo 11 extravehicular activity on 20 July 1969. Coded: AS11-40-5903. It comes with its original screen used aluminium frame and a protective glass.

This is likely the only photo of this kind used during the entire run of the series. In the fire scene at the end of season 5 all the hero items of the office were replaced for alternate versions that become destroyed. This framed photograph have not had a single minor difference or variance in all the nine seasons. It shares too the early subpar inkjet printing methods used only in the first seasons IWTB posters. There are not know of other original copies.

After "The X-Files" ended its nine-year run, Fox Television did a permanent loan of the original office set to the Hollywood Entertainment Museum, which was struck from the studio's Century City lot and transported to the Museum, where it was faithfully reconstructed with all of its original set dressing. This photograph along the rest of the set was on display from the end of 2002 till 2006 when the museum closed its doors.


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