The two Ewok movies, any props floating about?


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Well i just bought the two films on dvd, and although they are more than a bit cheesy, there are a few cool props in it, my four year old wants me to make a terak mask.
I noticed that wicket seemed to have a bit more face movement in this one as well, though i did not see stuart freeborns name in the credits, did he do the suits in this one? i imagine they used some of the suits from jedi.
So does anyone have anything from either of the flms?.


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Nah, you won't get laughed off of the board any more than someone who loved V (The TV show) or any other number of cheesy movies (Krull anyone?). Terak would be a cool thing or Marauder gear, etc. Good luck in your search.


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STRANGE... I was just watching them last week because my neice told me she had a new Star Wars movie...
I noticed that the "POWER" thingy (battery) that Terak had were two of the Merson bunker charges that were used in ROTJ, with a light source in the middle...

And Krull Rocked, I used to make a Glaive outa plastic knives and glue Mankala gems on it when I was a kid :p
I still wanna make a Slayer Someday...


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There are many props and costumes from ROTJ and ESB that were used in Ewoks: Battle for Endor, including vibro-axes, endor rifles, cloud city blaster, lots of singlepoints, and a few skiff guard costumes.


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Yeah, Noa's blaster is a Cloud City blaster dressed up with different detailing. I always thought it was pretty cool looking.


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yeah there are some cool props in it, noticing more now i have watched it again, anyone have any idea who did the new ewok stuff in it?


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If you watch Ewoks: The Battle for Endor and look closely in the middle of Terak's dungeon, you can see the sacrificial cage from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom laying horizontally.
Guess they siphoned a lot from 'The Ranch' to slap together that film. :confused


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I believe that many (all?) of the Ewok costumes are re-used from Jedi.

As mentioned, some additional work was done to some pieces such as articulating the mouth of the Wicket mask (since he could suddenly speak English...!)

Look closely and you'll see an original Gonk droid used as a sort of power unit also.



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I remember Battle for Endor.....I also remember even as a kid getting all excited hearing about the "New star wars movie", and then being horribly disappointed.


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Sorry for the bumping^^ but I searched for those things (still don't know how they are called) and also came across this thread.. I thought I'd better revive this one (last updated in 2010) then start a new thing only to post some pics.