Star Wars Costumes and Props in Other Movies


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Noticed this while watching Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose.
Was curious if people have spotted other Star Wars props/costumes/locations in other movies.
Neat find!
I posted another find from a Jackie Kennedy TV movie in the graflex thread here:
If you watch British TV you see a lot of imperial blasters. In Doctor Who in the seventies the standard issue U.N.I.T. riffle was the Sterling. I laugh a little every time I see them.

Any of the old Noire detective stories set in the 40's has the Graflex in them.

They used barely modified common things for props on the first one... we forget sometimes it was low budget. In the latter movies he had more money, but to maintain continuity he kept the found objects. When you look at the Prequels there were a lot more custom made props.

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