The Twilight Zone "Death ship" pistol reference examination


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In season four of the original "The Twilight Zone", there was an episode entitled "Death ship". It's a great episode with great actors; at one point a character pulls a gun on the captain. Despite being from the long distant future on 1997, it looks remarkably like a Luger P.08 with a suppressor. Upon closer inspection however, it looks to me like a vacuformed pull from an actual Luger (They had used a real one in an earlier episode), I say this because it has the classic P.08 shape but is soft on detail. It's also clearly been modified in other ways. It's possible that it's not a P.08 at all and is another gun, but as you'll see in the images, there are characteristic which make me think it is based upon the Luger.

I bring this up because I'm interested in making a replica to sit along side my Spaceship E-89 from the same episode. Would anyone out there be willing to make a vacuformed copy of a Luger P.08 for me?


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Looks like you're working with a standard def source, so here are a few from HD.


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Well, it looks from the images that Treadwell posted, that they likely used the same Luger they'd used in earlier episodes just 'futurized' with a cone and can on the barrel. That makes things easier.
It is a Luger, Frank Sutton used the same Luger in "The Satan Bug". It has a vented barrel shroud. The question is, was it modified for "The Twilight Zone", or an earlier production.

I love that the Luger was seen as 'futuristic' decades after it went into production. So, when is some industrious individual going to make a barrel shroud so we can replicate the "Twilight Zone" Luger? I'm sure I could cobble something together, but it might be nice to have something ready-made, especially considering how cheap Luger reproductions are.

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