the Red Violin


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I always wanted this prop from the movie. the ending version of the red violin when its up for auction. I wanna buy a cheapo violin, strip it, stain it, relic it (antique it) take a chunk out where the bullet hit it.
Could be fun. After I watched that movie I went out, bought a book on violin making, and built a violin! I didn't go so far as to finish it to make it look like the film violin but I was tempted to. If you do it I'd love to see pics.
I am at sea at the moment but when i get home, i will get some good screen grabs.. i have a stradivvarius copy that is a sweet sounding violin. it has the right look but i need to check the specs out. there is no info on the web about it.. only info is the red mendellson which is a real violin played by Elisabeth Pitkan.
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