Tommy gun violin case (need input!)


New Member
So, thanks to JoakSteins Tommy gun violin case project, I decided to take the leap and try to make one for my firing Auto Ordinance Thompson (something I’d been considering for quite some time).

I picked up this antique wooden coffin-style case on ebay for a reasonable price hoping it would be big enough. Unfortunately not…it’s about 1.5 inches too short.



So, here’s where I need input from the more woodworker-inclined…my first thought was to chop off the narrow end, build an open-ended “box” to extend it the needed 1.5 inches, and attach the old end back on to keep the shape. I had already planned to reinforce the bottom with a second layer of wood due to a crack and just wanting extra strength for the heft of the Tommy gun, so I figured I could build onto that.

Would there be an easier/ better way to do it? I have enough basic woodworking tools to do normal household wood work, but my skills in this area just aren’t that advanced.

Any advice appreciated!

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