"The Orville". A Seth McFarlane Space Adventure on Fox

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On the plus side: the effects look good, the bridge looks so much better than the JJ-prise one, the alien crew aren't over the top or CGI - the Lt.Cmdr looks great, I'd rather have that as the new Klingons than the leaked images from Discovery. Also looks like a lot of good guest stars including a few faces from Trek.
On the negative: McFarlane (and Fox) - I would hope this doesn't mean puerile, infantile, and scatological jokes... but then there's a toilet joke in the trailer, a 'nagging' ex wife and an all-male species that I wish I could believe will be written as thought-provoking social commentary but I fear will just be McFarlane's excuse for gay jokes. Also, it looks a LOT like a Galaxy Quest ripoff/reboot (Mind you, that wouldn't have been a bad thing, but sadly not without Alan Rickman)

See, the thing is I really don't like Family Guy, but I do like 90% of American Dad.... And Roger (and the whole Lost in Space episode) prove he can do 'alien' aliens and a character with a very fluid gender/sexual identity that isn't gross. So, I'm conflicted. I'll watch, and just hope that it's less of a parody, and more a straightforward Sci-Fi comedy (like Red Dwarf). Problem is, if it is any good, (and not offensive) chances are it'll be cancelled


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SO . . . he thinks marbles are mints? I just don't think McFarlane's writing is very good. Some times he's funny, but this one looks like a dud. I didn't even crack a smile during this trailer. Mostly I kept thinking "Galaxy Quest did that better" which is unfortunate. It's the kind of show I'd like.


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Props, phasers, screen grabs!!! Lets see them!!!


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